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The North American 1000 is a showcase of license plate numbers 1-1000, in active use, from any jurisdiction, with the secondary goal of including as much geographical diversity as possible.  I have taken all these photographs over the past 45 years or thereabouts, and hope to see the remaining 10% somewhere, somehow, in some jurisdiction.

Currently, I do not accept submissions for the project, but I do enjoy seeing low number photos from others. Please contact me if you'd like to share photos, or are willing to share what I might call "likely locations" for me to find low numbers.

At present, the largest number for any state is Delaware, because that's where I grew up.  I now live in Virginia, and have lived near DC for years, so those jurisdictions are also well represented.  But if you have leads on good reliable locations where I might be able to photograph low numbers in Oklahoma or Mississippi or Oregon, please let me know.


Reid Williamson


Born in Maryland, resident in DE, CT, MA, NJ, Germany and VA (nearly 40 years in VA), and interested in low number plates since high school (in Delaware).  I have also visited all the counties in the US, have visited 61/63 US National Parks, 44 foreign countries, and enjoyed birding for over 30 years.

If you wish to contact me, please email me at

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